Any info on Soho Collection???

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  1. Hi. I did a search to try and gather info on the Chanel Soho collection (late 07/early 08 I believe) but most of what I came up with was Chanel in Soho NY. I'm looking for any info on this collection (these are the bags with silver stitching). What colors did the bags come in (I've seen off-white, black, and dark red)? What styles (I've seen a large shopper tote, a medium bowler-style tote, and a flap)? Which stores (I think I read that a large off-white shopper came from Bergdorf Goodman)? Have a good week ladies and thanks for any help!
  2. The Soho bag was in the second Act SS 2007 !

    If I'm not wrong, the Soho bag comes in a flap (2 sizes) & a hobo.

    I show you 4 colors but the Soho comes in 5 colors and the last one (not shown) is the red I think but I'm not sure in 100%....:shame:
    Sac 07.jpg Soho colors.jpg
  3. Thanks for the pics and info LesChicsFilles! You were very helpful.
  4. The Soho Flap was not a regular snapped on top and folded over to close. The metal stitching on the black bags was bronze chains, not silver. This whole collection was on sale half a year ago and is probably completely sold out. I think I've seen a few of the larger white ones on eBay recently.
  5. I just talked to Ann at Ann's Fabulous Finds and she's going to have one for sale, I think it's the black tote, but the stitching is silver, not bronze.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Longchamp - I get e mail notifications when new Chanel's come in to AFF so I'll keep my eyes out for it.
  7. I have a black east-west shopper, and the stitching is made out of silver "metal chain" material. The shopper tote also came in a long north-south version as well.
  8. I've uploaded pics of the Soho bag I had. If the chain edges are silver, they sure don't match the silver on the straps! They still look "bronze" to me! Or, a "dirtier" silver.... ;)
    soho1.jpg soho2.jpg
  9. if anyone is interested i know an sa that has the shopping tote in north south version available and on sale for $1106.
  10. sparklyprincess-do you like the E/W shopper? Is it strictly an arm-held bag (not over the shoulder)?
    photomj-thank you for the pics! Now I can see the colors of the metallic stitching. It does look more bronze than silver around the CC's
    dopey635-What color is the N/S?

    You all have been extremely helpful!!!
  11. I can fit the shopper over my shoulder, but I am petite. I do like it, but don't use it that often. I've probably used it a handful of times for work. It holds a lot though! It doesn't stand up by itself, so I have to hang it if it's not stuffed.