any info on petit noe?

  1. i'm interested in getting an epi red or mono petit noe... can anyone give me any info on it? positives, negatives, neutrals? just anything... i am falling in love with it more and more each time i see someone wearing it!
  2. i just bought the black epi petite noe from Let-trade. it looks gorgeous itself. but it just looks clumpsy on me =(
  3. why do you say that? i'm sure it looks awesome on you!
  4. I really want one too but was worried about the exact thing you said. I am short so I think it might end up sitting out from my hips and make me look wider than I should LOL
  5. I love mine! I had a black petit noe that I used almost every day for four years, it went everywhere with me. You can carry everything in that bag (and belive me, I did!).
    The little key hook is really useful and I used a mono pochette inside it to keep purse,mobile, make-up in one place
    It's now retired (one of the cats uses it as a bed!:P ) and I have a red one in its place.
    The leather seems stiffer somehow, but I think I just have to use it more and break it in a little.

    I can only say good things about this style - it's classic, understated and such good quality.....go buy one now!
  6. My mono Noe was my first LV:heart:
    I love that it was originally designed to carry champagne French!
    The negs with this style are a) the vachetta bottom (but if you get epi you'd be fine) and b) the tie can be a bit of a pain if you're in and out of your bag a lot. I just leave mine tied loose enough to get my hand in and out easily.
    I just love the noe style...for me, the positives outweigh the negatives by far.
  7. I only have positive things to say about both, petit and regular Noes. I LOVE how roomy they are, the shape, strings don't bother me at all, LOVE the single strap as it stays on your shoulder, etc.:love:
  8. I love the noe! Great roomy, comfy bag.

    I have black epi and the mono (both petit). I prefer the mono because it's a little softer, but the vachetta bottom is a pain.
  9. I'm also a huge noe/petit noe fan. I have an old red epi and it's the most durable bag ever. I love the single strap, roominess, and so comfortable.