Any info on Lagoon?

  1. Now that I've picked myself up off the floor following Penny's Lagoon Lindy reveal...I can say that Lagoon has become my new H obsession color! I can't even find the words to describe how beautiful it looked in her pics. :heart:

    I've never heard of Lagoon before...I assume it is a new color? Does anyone know which leathers it's available in, besides swift? Anyone have any additional photos of lagoon pieces? How would it look in a Massai PM or Picotin? Sorry for so many questions, but I really did almost fall out of my chair over Penny's bag!
  2. It also comes in togo, because I've ordered a Lagon togo Dogon wallet. I'm getting really impatient waiting for it, too!

    I bet it would be cute in a picotin.

    I bought a Massai PM in turquoise last year. That's a lot of bright color in a visually large bag. Lagon is brighter than turquoise, so it will probably come down to what your threshhold is for bright handbags. It would be way brighter than the blue jean or vert anis in you signature, for example.
  3. it also comes in chevre but isless vibrant in it hence why i called it a subdued pop color as the swatch i saw was chevre
  4. I would love to have the zippered globetrotter agenda in this color. It reminds me of the water in Jamaica. So gorgeous!
  5. I am glad my Lindy inspired you to look for Lagoon:smile:. If you like bright/POP colors then you will love Lagoon. I believe Hermes is spelling it "Lagon". I think the Picotin would be adorable in Lagon.
    I am just partial to swift in this color, but I am sure togo would look good also.
  6. It's a very pretty color. :smile:
  7. i saw a kelly longue in lagon. it is a very bright blue/green (more green) and i thought it's only best for small leather accessories or clutches.

    but i saw penny's lindy and i like it!
  8. saw that^^ I am going to check it out next month BIG time!:girlsigh:
  9. ^^evekitti, thank looks so pale (compared to Penny's Lindy)..... but I LOVE it!
  10. :tup::drool: im Loving lagon big time!! the color is tdf!!
  11. Very pretty color. :smile:
  12. In the new Monde d'Hermes magazine there is a whole page of goodies entirely in Lagon and they are fab, there was togo ( for the Ulysees) for sure but I can't remember all the other leathers. Notebooks, Jige clutches, wallets and belts featured. It sure it a great colour but where is the griolet, the curry and the cardomon - and paon? These colours have been announced but seem more hidden than revealed.
  13. super pretty color