any info on Christina A. pink crystal novak bag??

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  1. I love the pink novak bag with crystals from Mcqueen .. have anyone seen it? any info whatsoever on it??
  2. It's on mcqueen's website. It's lovely, I've seen it in Milano!
  3. According to the website:

    The Antique Rose Swarovski Crystal Novak Bag is not available for on-line purchase. If you're interested in this one-of-a-kind design, contact an Alexander McQueen store for pricing and availability.

    New York: 212-645-1797
    Milan: 39 02 7600 3374
    London: 44 20 7355 0088
  4. if anyone has a pic of it, i'd love to see~!
  5. Here it is....

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  6. thanks, lovemyangels~! the bag looks great on her!
  7. thanks girls!! I am guessing I can't afford it if the price is on request :P i love it though