any indigo navy 05 side by side comparisons?

  1. I have searched and can't find a side by side of the 05 navy and 05 indigo. If anyone owns them I would love to see a picture comparing them both. If I missed it, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

  2. Bump? Anyone?
  3. All I could find is Navy compared to Cornflower.

    Dont think it will help much, but thought I would post it anyway just in case it may be of interest to you.

    Navy top_Cornflower bottom.JPG Corflower_first & Navy_city.jpg
  4. Thanks fashion-cult:flowers:. Don't know why the 05 navy/ 05 indigo comparison pics are so elusive other than maybe they're too close for one person to have both. Although many of us have been guilty of multiple purchases of the SAME color, nevermind, close colors :p