Any in-store 20% Bloomies coupon?

  1. I bought a coat for my DH from Bloomies today, and wonder if anyone here has an in-store 20% couple that can share with me. The SA said that I can bring in the coupon no later than Monday to get the price adjustment. TIA:yes:
  2. i can't believe the SA wouldn't give you the many SAs have the coupon at the register and will scan it.

    and just an fyi that the coupon would have to be snail mailed to you. I got a purple card in the mail a week or so ago. I haven't seen anything online that you could print out for the discount.
  3. pm me your email addy and I'll forward you an email to print off and take in... :smile:

  4. That SA told me that their rule is getter tough there, and his mrg told him not to use used coupon to scan for other customers...yea...I was disappointed to hear that today.:sad:

    Thanks gapaholic13, I just emailed you. *smile*