any ideas

  1. Where I might find a medium guccissima chain in cream/beige? Of course it's not on and nothing on eBay either.

    Also, does anyone have pics of the bag (in any color) being worn? I think I've only seen the larger one on. Nowhere to see it in real life around here.

  2. I've got the beige (off-white) one in medium. I bought it one year ago. I don't think they make it in that colour anymore?
    Sorry I can't help you with stores or onlineshops, I live in Belgium. But here's a pic of my bag (I'm only not 'wearing' the bag). I hope it's a little help :smile: .
  3. Oh It's just gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for your help!
  4. Hey, I saw that today (1/13) at Neimans in Charlotte NC. Call 704/442-7900 and ask for Gucci handbags.
  5. If you can't find it at Neimans, call the gucci stores around the US. They probably have some left over stock that is not on the internet.

  6. I love your bag what does the inside look like?
  7. they might have some at the gucci outlet in secaucus, new jersey. it is right next to their corporate office and warehouse so they usually have the most recent stuff.

    their number is 201-392-2670.
  8. Gosh, I almost forgot I posted this! Thanks for all the advice. I'm gong to start calling around and hopefully I will find her!

    LOVE this bag!
  9. hi Lady1mport,
    here's a pic of the inside of the bag!
  10. thanks for taking pitures for me. Can you hold a lot of stuff in there? Like wallet, cell phone, and some junk?
  11. Yes, I can take my wallet, cell phone, cosmetic bag, keys, agenda, ipod, scarf or cardigan, and some other little stuff in my bag.
  12. Ok another question. I tried on the bag last weekend while in Dallas. Now, it was empty, but it kept slipping off my shoulder. Is this a problem for any of you? I wish I had put my stuff in it to see if that helped...