Any ideas where to keep all the business cards & store discount cards

  1. I really don't wanna store them in my wallet - and if I leave them @ home its a pain when I need one- any stylish recs
  2. When I get a new wallet, I usually retire my old wallet for that purpose in my drawer.
  3. I was putting them in my cles but have so many now, they don't fit. I hope someone has an idea.
  4. Hermes clarisse, perfect for this purpose ($400)
  5. I keep loyalty cards, sometimes ID, and cash in this: mj skinny.jpg $185
  6. I have a Coach agenda with a lot of pockets, and I usually stick things in there. Try a stylish men's billfold, which is usually smaller, or a wallet with pockets (and no bill pocket) such as this one: Coach - SIGNATURE STRIPE SMALL ZIP-AROUND WALLET
  7. i have an lv epi checkbook holder that has cc slots. i think i'm going to keep them in there. i keep gcs in my cles- or will once i get organzied. if you have an agenda you can also get the plastic holders for business cards and put them in there. i think it's a good option.
  8. I always have a wallet and a card holder or cles for my extra cards.
  9. If you really have a thick stack of cards, why don't you try a fancy cigarette case.
  10. ^^That would work best for me. I have a ton of GC and store cards that they swipe to earn bonus points, etc. Thanks.
  11. I know I'm biased, but how about the
    Extrovert's Card Case... will hold a stash of cards one side and your favourites on the other
    Petit Purse ... a slim, small, zip top purse will hold plenty safely.
  12. If you have a lot of cards and want to keep them organized, I would suggest getting a binder with plastic sleeves made for cards. Easier to flip through. Or scan them into your computer. There is a program that organizes them.