Any ideas where to find a sandstone twiggy other then BalNY?

  1. Any ideas?
  2. No, but powderpuff has an 05 Caramel Twiggy on eBay as of this morning...a VERY nice BIN price and absolutely gorgeous. If you want just Sandstone, it's not for you, but if you're looking for a medium-to-pale brown, you might like it.

  3. Thanks, I have an 05 Caramel city.
  4. Okay...I'll keep my eyes open for you!
  5. Thank you! You're so sweet:smile:
  6. Girlie you did not have any luck with Saks or Barney's?:sad:

  7. Believe me, I tried! Barneys, Saks, Aloha rag & NM none ofthem bought the Twiggy in Sandstone/Argyle :sad:
  8. May be you should try BalNY then if you really want it. :yes: Kim is very nice and she will e-mail you pics and send you the best leather. :yahoo:
  9. I had this same issue and finally bought my sandstone twiggy from BalNY. I will say I love it - color, leather, everything!
  10. I gave in and called BalNY. They are sending me pics, guess I will suck it up and order from them.
  11. Kim told me the leather on the Sandstone bags are the best :jammin:

    I swear I thought AR had some... checking... no, you're right. They only have black, white & truffe (or at least that's what they told me in the email).
  12. I don't think you will be sorry! I really love mine, the leather is so soft and smooshy that I can't get her to stand up for a decent photo op! I will try again tomorrow. The color and leather are just really great on this bags. We had thunderstorms today so I had to carry another bag but I was sorry to leave ms. sandstone twiggy at home!
  13. Can you guys post pics of the sandstone?
  14. z&j, have you tried hgbags? She might have some coming, and I think it would be worth your time to ask. Good luck with your search!
  15. Anyone have an ideas? Even BalNY is out of them and no more coming in.