Any ideas where to find a Mono Sac Squash?

  1. I have always loved this bag but never bought it because my store never got one and I rarely if ever buy anything without seeing it IRL. But I saw a woman yesterday with it and she let me fondle and I realize now I must have one. I have been scouring eBay for months for this bag in a quest to buy and one never seems to pop up. Anyone know of any online resellers that have one for sale? Or does your boutique happen to have one for a transfer? I called 1866 (aka the no help line) and they said they were out of stock. WHich really surprises me b/c the bag wasn't that popular. I think it was just too much trouble for them to look.
  2. Have you tried calling your local boutique? They can do a search for it if they have the SKU, which they should be able to find in Le Catalogue.
  3. Ok there are some in Canada for sure, but I have seen authentic one's pop up on eBay occasionally and they go for dirt cheap and most of the time they are pretty new and authetic, I remember a 100% authetic lightly patina'd one went for just 700 compared to the 2k retail. They are pretty bags, I have pondered getting one but I'm not too sure.