Any ideas? Wanting a workhorse bag

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  1. Can you all help?

    I am looking for a great bag to use pretty much daily unless I pull out my favorites from my collection. I need a bag that I am not afraid to get use out of.
    There is no preference to design house and I really don't care if it is a well known label or no name at all.
    It would be nice to have yummy leather if it is a leather bag. If it is a shoulder style I would love for it to sit well and be comfy.
    I am open to all suggestions. Post some pics if you'd like as well.
    I am hoping you all have seen something that I have not.

    Thank you ahead.:flowers:
  2. For work horse leather I love Mulberry bags. I also love Louis Vuitton for rainy days etc..they are tough and do not spot or stain. Also Chloe is a tough leather bag as is Kooba and Gryson. Hope that helps..
  3. I use a Mulberry Bayswater as an everyday/work bag. It's also perfect for traveling. The leather gets better with wear and it's really durable.

    good luck

  4. Claudia Rucker-- I do the opposite, keeping my LV bags under my coat if it starts to rain-- the water spots and stains the vachetta (light leather handles, ebellishments) on my LV purses. :cursing:

    What type of LV purse do you have that you can wear out in the rain w/out worries?? I am looking for a new LV that I can use w/out hassle-- and would :heart: a suggestion! Thanks! :yes:
  5. As a suggestion for a work horse bag... Maybe a black nylon Kate Spade tote-- very simple and would hold a lot and good for everyday (and not super $$$$). I love the suggestions people have given so far- especially the pics! :yes:
  6. [​IMG]


    excuse the flash! it's not really shiny :lol:
  7. if you get a bag without vachetta, such as the damier or epi line, you wont have to worry about rain spots.
  8. Longchamp
  9. I have a Ferragamo in that pebbly leather that is really indestructible.

    It never scratches or looks worn. It looks exactly the same as it did the day I bought it. It really is a workhorse, because I always carry it when the weather is bad or when I have to stuff it and throw it in a corner somewhere.
  10. My favorite every day bag is the Balenciaga city bag. These bags are lightweight, durable, functional and they actually get better with age. I've also had great luck with Marc Jacobs--his bags are extremely durable, but many styles are on the heavy side.
  11. My workhorse is my Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal.

  12. You all have been so good to me in this thread!

    This weekend I can really hunt around and do some looking at these designers that I am not familier with. I have to say you all have pretty nice taste and gave some great recommendations.

    Keep the ideas coming because it really helps me! Thank you.

    annanas...who makes the bag you posted?[​IMG]

    It's also fun to find a unique bag that not everyone is carrying.