Any ideas re: Keepall vs. Neverfull GM???

  1. I want a bag to use for overnight trips when travelling in the car. I was going to get a keepall... but although they are gorgeous, they are a bit utilitarian looking and I thought that a Neverfull GM may be a funner way to transport my things. I could then still use it for everyday times as well (when I need to tote around the kitchen sink for example). Anyone that has a Neverfull, do you think that the bag would work for this?
  2. It might just be me but I'd prefer something that zips if I were going to use it as a luggage piece.
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  3. The neverfull would be great to use for traveling. But i would be worried about stuff falling out of the top. So i would say the keepall 45.
  4. I would go with the keepall. I use it for all overnight trips and love it.
  5. yup I also vote for keepall for traveling
  6. Keepall here too!

  7. I feel the same. I am in love with my Speedy 40, I love the fact it zips. I want a bigger piece though.
  8. I finally got a keepall 45 w/ shoulder strap and it is great for traveling! I have tried a keepall without the shoulder strap and it was really difficult to carry when full. I think in the long run that you would be much happier with the keepall than the neverfull.
  9. i :heart: keepalls!
  10. Another Keepall vote here. I love it's practicality.
  11. For traveling, I'd defnitely go for the Keepall.