Any ideas? Please help a girl out...trying to find / need help

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  1. hi all, i'm not a very big girly girl so my knowledge when it comes to bags is not so great. So i was wondering if you lovely ladies may be able to help a sister out.

    My girlfriend has been trying to find a balenciaga that i think is impossible to find cause i've only seen celebs wearing it and never anywhere else.

    I don't know the style name but I think its either a City or a First (from what i've seen on this site). Its has black and white vertical stripes. I think it may be from last summer but i'm not sure. i can't even find a picture of it.

    Any info on the actual name of the bag and possible places i could find it (if at all) would be greatly appreciated. :graucho:

  2. i found a pic, hope it helps....

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  3. That one is a Courier ... it's a very big bag ... are you sure that's the size she wants? It's more of a travel bag ... you can see that Nicole is using it as a travel/overnight bag in addition to carrying her Black City as her handbag.

    The striped material is called "damask" - and this same striped damask came in the City and Work style as well as the courier. I'm afraid it is VERY HARD to find, although recently both the Work and the City styles in this material popped up on (but the chances of you getting one that way are close to nil).

    The City style in damask sold on eBay for $1700 not too long ago, to give you an idea of the demand and rarity.
  4. There was a city (or was it a work?) in damask on last week. I believe a lucky purse forum member snatched it up at below retail cost!
  5. :tup: thanks for the help, at least now i know what i'm looking for lol.

    that is the size she wants but she'll be happy with a smaller size in the same material if we can find it. I've checked overstock today but will keep checking for it, now at least i know the name and which sizes it comes in.

    I figured it would be very hard to find cause it took me forever to just find one picture of it.

    so is the only place i will still find it is online? Is there other sites other then overstock that i may find it?
  6. Well, it's a long shot that you're going to find it anywhere ... but some possibilities are:

    Depending upon where you live, you might want to check high-end consignment shops.

    Here's a pic of the city vs the courier: