any ideas? pics?

  1. hey, so im off on holiday to zante next week but i dont have a purse!
    my regular day to day purse here is a gucci one which isnt huge but not a long one.... if you get me !
    anyways, i dont want to take a proper purse, just something to keep my money for the day in and a few cards eg. debit, credit, ID.
    i was thinking about the cles, and its handy because of the clip to attatch it to things and i think it will easily slip inside all of my small bags, inc. clutches.
    but i LOVE the vernis cles's and would love to purchase a pomme or amarante one! my only concern is will it fit my cards AND cash in?

    if anybody could give me any ideas that would be great and also some comparison pictures too :tup: please
    i have already had the pochette but didnt like it so i sent it back, thats far too big for what i want, just a coin purse that can be carried in virtually anything!

    hopefully you can help me :smile:
    thanks xxxxx
  2. The cles are great for a few cards and some cash. I have a groom and vernis cles. The vernis does not hold as much as the groom or mono will. I also have a pouchette florentine with the belt and that can hold quite a bit and makes a great clutch too.
  3. I can fit about 3-4 cards and few dollars in my vernis, of course a ton more in my mono cles.
  4. Canvas cles like monogram and damier hold a lot more than square-corner styles like vernis and multicolore.

    I have a monogram groom cles and I love it.
  5. i was dissapionted with how little my vernis cles holds. mono is better.
  6. vernis doesnt hold as much as the canvas one. i love vernis too but if your only going to use the cles as you mini purse then vernis may not serve the purpose.

    by the way i been to zante, love the people they were all very friendly.

    enjoy your holiday
  7. I agree, I love the look of a vernis cles, but they really do hold less than a mono. How many cards are you looking to hold?
  8. For lots of great pics, search for the thread called the "Double C club- The Cles Club". There are tons of photos there showing what can fit, etc.
  9. oooooh thanks for the responses everybody!
    i should go for a mono or damier because im on a tight budget atm! ill probably only keep 2/3 cards max! infact i might only take my credit one not my debit but if i run out of money id get my parents to put money into my bank so i think ill take 2 cards! and spare change/notes too!
    kaka! thanks i cant wait im SO excited!
    and thanks for the pic suggestions, ill go check it out thanks :smile: