Any ideas on what these might be?

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  1. I'm usually not into shoes at all, and I work at home, so I dress pretty casually most of the time. I was watching a movie on TV the other night and the woman on there had something that looked kind of like gym shoes, but they didn't come all the way over the foot. They had (I think) criss-crossed straps coming over the foot kind of like on a ballet slipper. She was wearing them with capris and they looked cute. Any ideas about what type (or brand) of shoes I could look at that might be similar?
  2. Pumas make some like that. If you go into Lady Foot Locker you'll see a lot of them.
  3. yep-sounds like the Pumas with the velcro bands
  4. Thanks, guys! I'll check the Pumas out.
  5. Love the pug Tammy!! Yours?
  6. Thanks! Yes, that's my pug Lucy. She's almost nine months old.
  7. She´s beautiful! My cat´s name is Lucy too, she´s a blue-creme coloured exotic. The face looks pretty much the same no matter that they´re different kinds of animals :lol:
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