Any ideas on the hunt for a blue leather bag?

  1. I've been looking high and low for a blue leather shoulder bag, but a specific blue - light, powdery blue. I thought I had finally found my dream bag in the Coach Legacy bag in pond, but it turns out to be more of a dusty teal. :s I've searched Zappos and Bluefly for months (because you can narrow down your search by color). Still nothing! Does anybody have any ideas for where to look or have you seen any handbags this color lately?
  2. I too am looking for a blue leather bag. Have you checked out Tano bags? I have never seen one in person, but the bags on their website look beautiful. Quite a few ladies on tPF have the bags and seem very happy with their quality. I called one of the boutiques in Maryland that sells the bags. The SA told me the new Spring bags will not be in until March. Hope I can wait that long. LOL

    Here are two Tano bags in blue.
    tano centerfold.jpg tano loveboat.jpg
  3. I don't know what your budget is but Balenciaga makes gorgeous blue bags. I don't know if their current season has the blue you are looking for.

    Have you tried the Coach outlets? They have tons of bags in various colors.
  5. p.s. did you see the Dior in the 'blue Jimmy Choo' thread earlier today . . .? I thought it was delicious.
  6. I've looked at Tano - gorgeous bags! - and Hayden-Harnett, where, by the way, I snagged a gorgeous, blue, limited-edition Mercer clutch. (Check that out if it's still there. It elicited immediate lust.) I'll check out Balenciaga; thanks for the idea. Does anybody know how I can find out where the Coach outlets are? (I'm in Arizona.)
  7. Would you consider this in the range of "powder blue". It's a Francesco Biasia.


  8. :nuts: Where'd you find this one and how much does it cost?:shame: :love:
  9. bagdemon, i love that powder blue bag too!
  10. Look at that bag!!! And glazed leather, too! Ooooooh.... Is it a new style?
  11. Is this the blue that you are looking for (second on the left). This was emailed to me when I requested colors for a bag I bought on line
    360 Satchel solids.gif
  12. This might be too turquoise-y for you but I love this bag in the summer. It is a Fendi Linda Sellaria: