Any ideas on dressing up the pochette accessories NM?

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  1. I'd like to take this with me to a fancy evening party I've been invited to but not sure how to make it look more dressy? Has anyone got some ideas?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I would keep it just the way it is. If you add charms or anything else, it's going to look cheap and look like you are trying too hard.
  3. Which pattern/ color / material is your pochette? One way to make it look dressier is to change the leather strap to a chain. LV has the ring key chain and I've read that some members have ordered long chains from ebay to use with pochettes.
  4. +1 It is simple and beautiful on its own.
  5. Do you have charms or bandeaus you could try with it? It is a small clutch and both might overpower it, so the only way to properly dress it up would be wearing it with a gorgeous outfit and heels that compliment it :smile:
  6. The best way to dress it up is to exchange it for an Eva :biggrin:
  7. This is how I would dress up my Pochette:

    - Use a chain strap instead of the vachetta strap (about $15 on ebay)
    - Use a bag charm /tassel (also about $15 on ebay) :smile:

  8. That looks great!!
  9. Chain strap looks fab...tassel is overpowering in my opinion.
  10. I love it! Never thought of a tassel before.
  11. I have the damier ebene version. Thanks for your input about the chain straps.
  12. I would say a simple way to dress is up is to not wear it on your shoulder but just carry it like a clutch with the strap tucked in. I feel like on the shoulder makes it look casual. Other than that, I wouldn't add anything to it.