Any ideas? Nickname for H fans

  1. I'm not sure what the question is. It says "the birkin bag atelier has acquired a nickname from H fans" (paraphrased) which means that Hermés has a nickname made by us H junkies... I don't know what that would be...
  2. Well, the only thing I can think of is "H", or "The Mothership" when referring to either 24 Fauborg or in some cases Madison.

    As for what I think H employees call us, I'd swear it's something like "Harpies". LMAO!
  3. I think they call us PIA'S as in pain in the ass:smile:

    I think the term Hermettes would be too fem. and not fair as we do have male junkies here too. I'm going to have to think on it. Wait, how about Hermands like gourmands? That could work for men and women?
  4. how about little ****s?

    that is what my dad used to call me, not out of meanness but I do think I deserved it.
  5. "Hermes Hoarding Harpies"?

  6. I think they would change the "little" to "big":lol:
  7. see I asked that too my dad too, and he always said little just sounds better. I took his word!
  8. Hmmm. I see a theme emerging--apparently many of us don't feel all that highly valued by SAs! :s What a shame, really.
  9. I don't see it quite like that Cyn. I do see their point when yapping people come in demanding a Birkin. I have heard that from my SA. She is quite put off by people doing this and I can't really blame her. It must be very stressful to have people coming at you all the time like that. But, I still think that they have evolved to seeing many clients as being a pain in the ass. After exposure to tPF, many people have become very particular and specific about what they want or are looking for. It must have come as a shock to a salesperson who was used to clients being grateful for whatever bag was offered to them just because the ungettable bag was being offered. Does that make sense?
  10. I love you, me not anymore.
    That is what the top says.
    Jane Birkin's bag
    then reference to the bag Jane won't carry
    I think it is a funny joke of the nickname for the bag that Jane does not like :crybaby: anymore 'because it was too heavy'.
  11. ^^ Jane has a point tho. My 35cm clemences weigh a TON!

    Can't think of anything clever. I have vacation/Duck game brain today! So I will chime in that I think they call us Harpies.
  12. Better not be Hussys, or I am seriously going to smack someone with my bag.
  13. Yeah, that does make sense. It still bothers me a great deal, though, that ANY brand would expect people to drop thousands on a bag just because it was offered. Ya know? I guess my issue is just with the whole extra special Hermes brand of "customer profiling" because it often boils down to "we think YOU are good enough to carry our purses but you, you, and most definitely you...are not our kind". It's b-s, honestly. If someone has the means and is willing to buy, I feel like customer service should not be an afterthought or something that shocks customers if they in fact receive it.

    But then again I expect decent service everywhere I go, and I'm sadly disappointed in most places nowadays, not just Hermes. :p :rolleyes: Don't get me wrong, I am NOT haughty in any way to SAs, waiters, etc., but maybe because of that I just don't think that the condescension and attitude we get from them are appropriate. Especially when it's clear to most Hermes SAs that I have been buying this brand longer than they've been out of high school. LOL. It's not like I'm some Birkin crazed maniac, but it would be nice to get a freakin' phone call every now and then! That's all I'm sayin.

    (BTW I do have some SAs who are wonderful--this is directed toward the few who really are neutral to downright :tdown: )
  14. I agree with RBB and think that we have it backwards. The Atelier has a nickname from Hermes fans. The Atelier is the bag maker, right?? If so I have no idea what his/her nickname would be.

    What they (ateliers and SAs) call us would be most interesting tho.