Any ideas how much is YSL Tributes retailing in Singapore or Hongkong ?

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  1. Hi fellow TPFers,

    Anyone residing in Hongkong or Singapore has any idea on how much the classic Tributes are retailing at?

    Since the whole rebranding thing going on on YSL... or known as Saint Laurent now..The shoes has gone up from $795 to $875 on the US website since the revamp.

    My mom and a mate are heading to Hongkong and Singapore this month, maybe I should ask them to get them for me.

  2. Generally, Singapore and Hong Kong prices are higher than US and European prices.
  3. Better than the pricing here in Sydney :P ? There are such limited choices in the DJ store.
  4. I'm from the US, but I visited a YSL boutique on my last trip to Hong Kong, which was a few months ago. I don't remember the exact prices, but I think they're about a few hundred dollars more expensive than the prices in the US. It wasn't a huge difference, which I found sort of surprising.
  5. For reference, it was S$1,190 a year ago. Bought mine in August. Not sure if there has been any price increase since then.

    As a tourist, you will be able to get tax refund of about 5%.
  6. Thanks for the info :smile:
  7. Thank you ! :smile: lucky you got them it seems like the new saint Laurent is tryin to get rid of some classic pieces. I bet the price must hav increased. I got an YSL arty ring a year ago at orchard for SGD290.. Now it's like SGD400 ..according to a friend that lives there :sweatdrop: