Any ideas for White Elephant ??


Apr 25, 2006
I'm going to a dinner where we are having a white elephant gift exchange for both male and female. The limit is $20-25. I have no clue what to get :shrugs: Please help!
I never saw anything like that before! What a good idea! That is something I know they wont have.

Only problem is that I'm too scared to buy online because its less than 1 week away. I dont want to risk it since shipping slower now :sad: My fault for waiting last min.
I was in Barnes & Noble the other night and did some Christmas shopping, they had so many great books. I think a blank journal is a nice gift. Pier One Imports has nice candles and candle holders, but I love candles so that is something I would love to get.
Good luck and have a fun time at the event.