Any ideas for purse to my mom??

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  1. My mother got her first LV as a b-day present for her 60 from us childeren. A Eva in Azur, and she have used it a lot:smile: Now she wants another, bigger purse/bag. She dont like brown:sad: So anything ebene or mono is out of the question, think she wants a "ligth" bag, so epi and vernis is to heavy. She really likes the graphite line (I have a Daniel, but she don't want that type of bag, but that colour) or azur. Me and my aunt have a NG GM in Azur, so want her to have something different, but that type of bag. Has to go on the shoulder. She asked me for advice, and I have no idea. Think a kepall 45 in graphite is more luggage than a purse. I was thinkin about a totally in azur (but I don't like it...) or gallaria in azur (but I'm concernd about the black mark problem...)

    Any ideas???
  2. Galleria gets my vote I think she'll LVoe it!...I read some where on here that the issues with the Black marks on the Galleria were solved with clear plastic or rubber rings being added ...probably best to ask your SA if they have the new improved ones in stock!
  3. I think the Totally MM/GM in azur would be nice :biggrin: it has a zipper closure and is really roomy!!
  4. Galleria PM or Stressa PM in Damier Azur would be gorgeous!
  5. You cannot go wrong with a Galliera in Azur! All the new models made after Late April-Early May have the newer rings... No black marks on them
  6. Galleria would be my choice. Especially now that they've fixed the black mark problem.
  7. Azur Galliera!!
  8. Galliera Azur is gorgeous.

    How about the Idylle line? Seems like a nice lightweight bag.
  9. Galliera or Stresa azur!
  10. Azur Stressa or Galliera
  11. I would go for the Galliera in Azur too!
  12. Galliera is a very comfortable bag to carry, would definitely recommend it. Don't know how old your Mom is, but as an "older" woman I think this is a perfect gift.
  13. I vote for Galliera or Totally in Azur
  14. Monogram Totally mom who is 60 loves hers! It's light, just the right size for her (she's 5'2) and is roomy. Oh, she prefers a bag with zip!
  15. Totally Azur is very nice for a lady!