any ideas for online stores that ship to canada?

  1. trying to buy gifts for friends and having a hard time finding places that you can buy in the us and ship to canada. sephora is a no. i know Amazon and some flower places are a yes. does anyone else know of any? thanks!

    off the beaten path is great too!
  2. Hi, how about Etsy - it's simply awesome? What kind of gifts are you referring to by the way?

    Many sellers on Etsy ship internationally. I live in Singapore and have bought many small items from them.

    Haven't tried kimwestad yet:

    eg kimwestad


    Gudonya and yappscottagedecor - I bought soap from them:

    I'll have to go to work otherwise will post more examples :smile:
  3. A very quick word for two faves of mine:


    Ordered three customised Scrabble journals from her - two were sent to England and Malaysia. Bought two adorable pendants from her (made from Scrabble tiles - cute!)


    The above painting is on its way to me :smile:

    The onesies etc on Etsy are simply awesome:


  4. We have and Sephora in Canada... Can't you buy from a Canadian site and ship within Canada?
  5. sephora you can only buy for canada if you're in canada and have a canadian address. i live in the us but want to buy a gift for someone in canada.

    etsy is cute but i got something from someone there and was disappointed. i was thinking about more of a major retailer.

    thanks daniela- perfect!

    if anyone knows any others- good florists etc that would be awesome. thanks!
  6. I am sorry to hear your experience on Etsy has been disappointing. Was that your only experience? I've sent a few items from Etsy to friends overseas and unless they were just being polite, they said things like the gifts were exceptional, unique and so forth.

    "Thanks for the most unique wedding pressie we ever received!" - I just received this thank you card from two friends who got married in Malaysia. Hopefully "unique" is meant in a good way. I gave them a customised Scrabble album by littleputbooks.

    Since buying stuff from there in September last year, I've found the customer service to be excellent.

    Swear I'm not on commission from Etsy ;)
  7. lol. it was my only purchase. i just wasn't happy with the quality of what i got. it was just ok. i might try again.

    oooh and places trhat do same day delivery would be great too!
  8. revolveclothing and activeendeavors both ship to Canada and for FREE, too! :tup: