Any ideas for an action/thriller to rent?

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  1. Have you ever felt like you have watched every movie in the shop? I do!

    I am looking for any ideas for an action/thriller to watch and I don't mind if its an oldie!

    TIA :yes:
  2. How about 16 Blocks, Manchurian Candidate, or The Interpreter? Manchurian Candidate is one of my favorite movies(the newer one.)
  3. Great choices - unfortunately I have seen them all!!

    I just love the manchurian candidate though!!

    I am beginning to realise I watch too many films LOL!
  4. How about "Bound"? It's a 1996 film noir starring Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly. It has alot of twists and turns along with action and suspense, sex and violence. I saw it many years ago and still remember it as a favorite.
  5. How about the original Manchurian? OR the SAW trilogy? "Love and a .45" , "Killy Zoe", "Blood Simple".
  6. From Hell. Johnny Depp and Heather Graham are in it. It's about the Jack the Ripper mystery, and the movie offers some interesting theories.

    Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett. It's not necessarily a thriller or action movie, but it's interesting.

    American History X. Powerful movie about an ex Skinhead who's concerned about his younger brother going down the same path he did.
  7. how about :
    donnie darko

    asian thriller/horror movies like :
    the ring (far scarier than the hollywood version)
    ichi the killer (by takashi miike)
    audition (by takashi miike too)
    battle royale (i forgot the director)

    the last three considered cult japanese movies.
    quentin tarantino admits that he's inspired by ichi the killer to make his kill bill movies. but in my opinion, ichi's far far cooler than quentin's
  8. How about...

    American History X
    U-571 - matthew macwhatever - WWII sub in trouble great movie
    Black Hawk Down - josh hartnett - about the US fighting in Mogadishu
    Heat - al pacino, val kilmer and rob deniro - about a bank heist
    carlito's way - al pacino, sean penn- gangster in the bronx
    mystic river - sean penn
    the Saint - val kilmer - i love this movie lol
  9. Inside Man, (you've probably seen it)
    or a little older... The Shawshank Redemption. Its a classic.
  10. shawshank great movie!
  11. I really liked Enemy of the State with Will Smith.
  12. Run Lola Run?

    I think that would fall under action...
  13. blade runner i think is also a classic "action" movie :p
  14. Either of the Kill Bill movies are great.