Any ideas for a weekend bag that will go with everything?

  1. Hi ladies...

    So this weekend while I was away, my cat found and chewed the hell out of my favorite knockaround Saturday/Sunday bag (a black leather hobo I got as a gift.) :crybaby: However I'm not TOO upset, since I wasn't all that attached to it and this just gives me an excuse to replace it with something LV! :graucho:

    So any ideas for a weekend purse that will go with everything? Not too fussy, not too structured, not too big (I just need it to go to lunch and run errands), but not too small since this is for daytime use, not evening use.

    I'm thinking maybe the bucket PM, in either monogram mini lin or black Epi.
  2. Mono Speedy 35
  3. black epi speedy!
  4. How about the petit noe? I will buy one my self (not my first), so relaxed and in epi it even has that special something that makes it not too casual...
  5. I would either go with an epi speedy or epi petite noe, they can take everything you throw at them :yes:
  6. MONO: BV, BH, mezzo piano
    Damier: saleya
  7. Speedy 30 or BH!
  8. whatever you get, keep it away from that cat!
  9. Batignolles Horizontal coated with that green apple stuff that cats hate! LOL
  10. yes, the Batignolles Horizontal or Popincourt Haut would be good bags
  11. saleya , bucket, popincourt haut....
  12. Moka Bucket or Speedy!
  13. speedy 25 in mono or damier...
  14. Mini Lin Noe when it comes out would be my choice.
  15. Damier Canvas Papillon 30
    Mono Canvas Popincourt Haut