any ideas for a pale blue birkin?

  1. I love this shade of blue, but this is a bluejean togo Birkin and this pic doesn't reflect the true color (the other pics do show the bright bluejean color). I would love a pale blue Birkin everyday bag like this - does anyone know of a leather that is close to this color? (other than exotic)?

    Many thanks!:flowers:
  2. Well, the best I can think of is brighton blue in croc, but you said no exotics...hmmm...
  3. BB Croc... Check out my signature
  4. Some pix of Blue Jean in the various leather. My mastery of katakana is very limited, so if I'm wrong, please correct me.

    In Togo:

    In Swift:

    In Clemence:

    In Epsom:
  5. The palest blue in non-exotic would have to be Bleu Jean in Epsom, I think.
  6. ITA w/MrsS, of right now, the palest blue I've seen is BJ in Epsom.
  7. ohhh, if only there was a shade of blue a little darker than rose dragee, but lighter than blue jean.... how pretty!!! (hope that made sense)

    good luck on your quest K!
  8. bj in epsom is a very pretty pale sky blue
  9. have to agree withepsom or really light and pale and let me add gorgeous is matte blu jean croc
  10. K - as soon as you said pale I thought of this pic of Gwenyth Paltrow (top right and below that) I've always wondered about this bag.....

    Pic credit Beastofthefields - "stars" thread
  11. wasnt there a shade of pale powdery blue & the name is taken from a flower - i cant remember the name now & i recall it was lilach (inhse expert here) knew the exact name (it wad discussed in another thread previously)
  12. myosotis :yes: but that has lilac in it. andi am afraid is not easily available
  13. blue jean in epsom is palest blue in non-exotic i can think of right now... but even in epsom the blue isnt as pale as you like it to be i think..
  14. The photo Katel showed is quite similar to my blue jean epsom Azap wallet.
  15. Blue Jean in Epsom is light blue. That should work.