Any ideas for a camera bag?

  1. I just decided to get myself a nice digital SLR camera INSTEAD of a handbag for my birthday! *gasp*

    But I thought I might try to get myself a nice bag for the camera - not one of the black canvas ones that are typical. Does anyone know of any designer camera bags? more stylish ones? I don't even know they exist, but I thought I'd try!

  2. passerby, that's really pretty. i was always wary of using a non-camera bag for my camera. yes, the typical black camera bags are so ugly, but have lots of padding, so i figured if i dropped it, the camera would be okay. the bag passerby found is so pretty, and padded. seems like a good option. i might have to get one.
  3. does it have to be a camera bag ? LV speedy 30s fit almost everything,theyd carry your camera with luv :heart: