Any idea?

  1. Hi ladies!

    Any idea how much this bag retails for? Is it sought after at all? I'm pretty new to LV so please bear with me. Thanks!

    P.s: This is my first attempt at uploading a picture on the forum... :love:
    LV_Mini_Pleaty (2).JPG
  2. Yeh, it's US$690 as Kitty said but you're in Australia right? I think it's around AU$1000 - $1100?
  3. Thanks ladies! Yes I'm in Australia. Is USD$550 a reasonable price for it? (Only used on one occasion)
  4. if it's real, I'd say yes .... however I'd advise you to have it check out in the "authenticate this" thread on here
  5. The one in the picture looks fake to me!!
  6. Yeah it's definitely authentic. I'm actually downsizing my collection and wanted a second opinion on a reasonable price for it. Thanks kittie! =)
  7. ok .. lol
  8. -Gasp!- LOL. Erm it's actually mine and it's authentic sweetie. :lol: