Any idea why the Noe in Epi was discontinued

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  1. Any idea why? My mum had black :yes:
  2. ?? so new colour can come in?
  3. Do you mean the Noe in epi is discontinued? I am shocked! But the petit Noe in epi is still around? Or discontinued as well?
  4. they might not be in the boutiques anymore but i think you can custom order one in epi...??
  5. The petit is still around. I heard is because of the leather problem,is it true?
  6. I have not heard why it has been discontinued or even if it has been discontinued. The only leather problem I heard about this past year was the mandarin speedy having an unpleasant odor.
  7. Discontinued? Oh no! What is going on at LV? I thought the Epi Noe was an icon and would be around forever.
  8. Why do you think it's discontinued?! It's still on the official LV site...
  9. And still available on eLux...... :shrugs:
  10. Anyone know this for sure? Was hoping LV would make it in the new white Epi for Spring 2007.
  11. I m not sure actually...that's what I heard. But there are some problems with my mum's Epi Noe also..soooo. Just wanted to confirm.
  12. Rolexian, what kind of problems does your mom have with her Noe?
  13. Why would have it been discontinued?! As you can still order it from the European oline stores as well as elux...
  14. where did you get this idea from anyway? :s
  15. Hi, am still interested to know what problems the noe in epi had besause I am about to get one...does anyone know?