Any idea who makes this necklace?

  1. I think its so cute - never seen it before!
  2. I can't quite see what it is, do you have a bigger picture?
  3. I was thinking that too.
    What is it?
  4. I saw her wearing those earrings on Regis and Kelly and was wondering the same thing! (i'm guessing they're by the same designer as the necklace?)
  5. Sometimes you can tell who designs something by the styling, but I can't recall anything that is along those lines.:blink:
  6. If you click on it - it does come up bigger. Looks like a few small discs on one necklace - so cute!
  7. Maybe Me & Ro?
  8. Ooh - that's a good thought - look what I found, seems similar but in silver
  9. It looks like a Me and Ro peice.