Any idea which Saks locations carry YSL?

  1. Would love a black muse w/ the upcoming ecg event.
  2. Saks at boca raton, florida (town center mall)
  3. The Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan has a lovely selection of Muses.

  4. Thanks but I should have mentioned other then NYC. That's the only store I'd have to pay tax in.
  5. Oops, sorry! What does ecg stand for? I'm confused.
  6. It's when you spend a certain amount that day and they give you a free gift card based on your purchase. I think it's a $125 gc with a $1000 purchase.
  7. Oh, right. Thanks. I didn't understand the acronym. That is a great time to buy your muse. What about in CT? Greenwich has a Saks that I am pretty sure has a YSL counter.
  8. Hmm, I called there yesterday and they told me to call NYC? Weird. Maybe they used to? I found one in black but it's on hold for someone until tomorrow. The SA is going to call me back and let me know. Any idea if the small $1295 size will fit over your shoulder?
  9. That is odd. Hmm. What about Boca Raton's Saks? Maybe they have a YSL counter?
    I'm not sure whether the straps on the medium (the small $1295) are fractionally longer, but I have the large black muse and the straps on mine fit over the shoulder, but not in a coat or bulky jacket, since they aren't that long.
  10. saks in san francisco carries ysl...
  11. saks san antonio also has ysl