Any idea where I can get this in Camel?

  1. Call it regret, I don't know, but all of a sudden I'm focused on getting this bag in Camel... after FW is gone, and the sales are over... does anyone know where I can get this in Camel still (and even better if on sale)? It's the smaller nebbia satchel, pic below. Thanks in advance!!
  2. ^ Oooooo, I like the Carmino Royale. I will keep my eyes open for you, Bunkie.
  3. I remember seeing it a while ago at Saks NYC, like late December or January... I'll keep my eyes out also!!
  4. OK, I guess that is not Carmino Royale, is it? LOL Is that called fume?
  5. I think it is called the beige ombre tote? I like it too! It is still selling at full price in Tokyo!
  6. Thanks guys! Yes it's the camel tote I think in ombre/nebia (?)
  7. ^Yup, this colour-faded look was called Nebbia (which translates into fog). The Royale had a decorative stitching in addition to the faded colours.

    Bunkie, have you tried calling the outlets already?
  8. claus, I will check the outlets, good idea. I think they only carry a few seasons back though... but thanks for the suggestion, will def. call!
  9. Also, assuming this isn't old enough to be in the outlets yet, what about calling the personal shopper (Ana?) on the BV website? I remember reading here before that she had been really helpful for some people as she had been able to find specific pieces that one or another boutique still had in stock and then making arrangements to ship them. Just a thought...
  10. Hey jburgh - if you really like it I think I saw the red one on eBay recently... Just call me the enabler!
  11. BookerMoose is right - I pulled that pic from the eBay posting she is probably referring to!

    jburgh - thanks for the tip - I'll definitely try Ana!
  12. OK, either I am confused or I'm having a senior moment...who is Ana? Should I know Ana? I think I've lost my mind! :sos:
  13. ^^jburgh, of course you should know Ana!! LOL<

    But seriously, it's actually BookerMoose who suggested in the post #9 to contact Ana, the personal shopper on the BV web site.;)
  14. My bad! Sorry, I am the one having a senior moment!!

    Thanks BookerMoose for suggesting Ana!
  15. One of the BV stores had one left in stock, and it was on sale!! Placed the order today (had to resist the urge to upgrade the shipping from Ground) so I'll be expecting it soon! YEAH!! Thanks everyone for your help!:yahoo: