Any idea where I can find this bag???

  1. [​IMG]I must have it! Its not on, or Neimans. The pics are up, but the bag is not available. Any ideas???? Thanks!
  2. call the stores or the 1 866 number :smile: they should be able to locate one for u!

    and congrats in advance,,,.that sucker is HOT!!
  3. I saw it at the Gucci store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles a few weeks ago
  4. I called the 800 number and the lady said there was not one in stock anywhere, and to call back in a week. :sad:

  5. call a SA and put urself on a waitlist for sure any good SA will be able to find it for you! i know my SA specifically told me to call her instead of the 866 (or 800 whatever haha) number!!

    SO hurry and call ur sa (or pm me for the info of my WONDERFUL sa if u dont have one!) hehe

    hurry jhurry hurry, i wanna see modeling pics :graucho: and live vicarliously through you! hehe
  6. I would try calling the Beverly Center Gucci in Los Angeles and see if they still have it
  7. I will give them a try in the morning! Thanks!!!
  8. That bag is gorgeous! Good Luck!
  9. how's the search party going? any luck finding your dream bag?
  10. Im working on it!! It WILL be mine!! :graucho::graucho:
  11. good luck on hunting that bag down, its a beauty.
  12. no offense, but why would anyone want a bag with the designer's name branded across the front? I am just curious and I dont want to offend anyone.
  13. I saw it at Saks 2 days ago...Maybe go on their site or call them...
  14. No Offense taken. Its simple for me. Becuase I love them and I have for YEARS and will continue to for many more to come! Every bag I own has some designer branded somewhere on the bag. (oh this IS a purse forum.....) :nuts:
  15. assuming you live in the states, just saw it at holts yorkdale yesterday. call them if you're desperate :smile: