any idea when NM will do further cuts?

  1. I've got my eye on a chloe top,but it's only been reduced once. grrrrr!!!!! how much longer do you think it will take before they do deeper discounts?
  2. I think some store say they will do final call starting 7/14:cool:
  3. [​IMG]I just got these today at DOUBLE off!
    from NM in LV!Chanel,Prada and Tods shoes.....LOVE!
  4. ooooooooh! those are soooo hot! I esp like the chanel ones.. how much did they end up costing? I think I'm getting a shoe itch now. congratulations on the great buys!
  5. ^ I spent like 600 on ALL 3..includ.shipping...
  6. Congrats Jill! =) Beautiful shoes at great prices! Great finds.
  7. I love love love them all. Congrats on your purchase jill. They are all beautiful!
  8. congrats! what beautiful tods! im drooling:yes:
  9. i love your much were they and where can i get some?
  10. Things were on sale and less 25% at my store on Sat. They had Jessica's Marc Jacobs white Perforated bag on sale, and some other stuff not that much of a selection at my store though.

    Hopefully more markdowns are coming.
  11. Call NM in Las Vegas..Ask for Ruby in shoes...The Tods were like 175-:wtf: -I know-amazing price!~
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