Any idea when Legacy might go to outlet?

  1. Perhaps I'm jumping the gun, but I want another Legacy piece. I just got the shoulder bag in whiskey, and then I bought a magenta wristlet and magenta mia. My husband would have a fit if I got another bag, but maybe it wouldn't count if it was from the outlet. I'm dying for the Ali now.
  2. im not sure the ali will end up at the outlet, arent the ali and the shoulder the top best sellers?
  3. If you try after Xmas, you may get lucky and find a return. Otherwise I doubt they will make it that far...
  4. yeah i would say only if someone returns it to the outlet should that happen. So if I go black friday and return my key chain at woodbury commons one of you girls may find it there!
  5. actually legacy is like soho or hampton's now.

    it's a part of the lines. i doubt you'd see the ali in outlets even after xmas, the vintage and daphine took way longer then that and the ali is selling way better.

    maybe your husband is getting it for christmas gift? and that's why he doesn't want you to buy another bag?
  6. What do you mean by Legacy is like Soho or Hamptons now? Do you mean it will be a continuing line like the Soho and Hampton or that the hype is over with for the Legacy? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi!
    I want to report that I saw the Ali and the satchel at the outlets in Carlsbad!
    But then, the satchel was only cheaper from retail by about $50.
  8. You saw a bunch of them? Or just one? You can return stuff from the boutique to the outlet...this early...thats usually why you see something current. Same thing with when you see shoes. And that's how I got my black satin clutch for less than retail.
  9. yeah, i think that's what she said once before, that's it becoming a continuing line (cause we were all freaking out trying to get all the striped stuff before it leaves us, hehe).
  10. I saw a shoulder legacy at an outlet in niagara falls, ny. they only had one though and it was not much cheaper. the clerk said that they had recieved a few but always one at a time and they were normally in and then sold immediatly.
  11. You're too sweet. And, unfortunately, you're wrong about my husband :s . I love him dearly, but he would never buy me a bag that expensive...ever. I won't be getting a bag from him even when I give birth to our children. He thinks they're unnecessary and over-priced.
  12. Hi there, I saw at least 6 satchels and 6 Alis and the shoulder ones too when I was there 2 weeks ago..dunnno about now though :yes: