Any Idea Whats Next?

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  1. HIE ALL

    help me, what should i buy for my birthday? i've already have

    1-eliza multicolor black
    2-mini pleaty denim fuschia
    3-manhattan pm
    4-speedy mono perfo orange
    5-aurellia gm multicolor white
    6-papillon 30
    7-french purse mono classic canvas..

    so whats next???:shrugs:
  2. Anything :biggrin: Batignolles Horizontal for example.
  3. Get something from the Damier line to add more variety to ur lovely collection :smile:
  4. any options?
  5. maybe an epi speedy?
  6. Something epi
  7. mini lin speedy.. mono speedy .. azur speedy ...
  8. :yes: I think the Azur speedy is cute, as is BH, or maybe something from the 07 cruise line?
  9. I see you have the perfo speedy on your list. I would say get that one because it probably won't be around much longer (if it is still around now)!
  10. what about something vernis?
  11. A MC wallet, Cles, Pochette, any kind of accessories will be cute
  12. I would either choose something from the epi or vernis line.
  13. A few suggestions:
    Tulum GM
    Popincourt Haut
    Batignolles Vertical
    Cabas Piano
  14. I think any of the Damier Azur bags would make a great addition to your collection.
  15. What about some Suhali?