Any idea what Lindsay Lohan is carrying?

  1. i think she's wearing the white miu miu leather coffer.
  2. Could also be Marc Jacobs. She is a nut for the designer and there was talk she was going to push the purses but it died about a year ago. Through LV, of course where he is head designer.

    And BTW, I saw some Marc Jacobs bags at the off-Barney's store or whatever it is. Lots of light colors.
  3. she always has cute bag :smile:
  4. It looks like the Miu Miu to me too.
  5. anyone know if it's an old bag? can i still find it?
  6. Looks like Miu Miu, Saks has it on their web site.
  7. thanks guys! so the Coffer has 2 straps. the longer one is the one that's braided? cause in the picture, lindsay's strap is braided on top (by the shoulders).
  8. Definitely the Miu Miu Coffer
  9. IT is the coffer , I have it in the cream color .Lohans is white with silver hardwear its new for spring and is only in Miu Miu boutiques. I think she altered the straps, like attached the shoulder strap to the hand held straps so it hangs low on her hip, I like it this way.
  10. Isn't she modelling in the Miu Miu campaign this month? Probaly got it for free!
  11. ^Yup, she's actually modelling the coffer in the miu miu ads.
  12. wow, how could you tell! the pic is all washed out from the flash and you can't see much to begin with!

    great eyes!!!!