Any idea what "flaming red" is??

  1. a well-meaning but somewhat uninformed sa found a bag in a style i want in a color he calls "flaming red". i thought it might be rouge vif but he described it as orange red which makes me think it's vermillion. but then to make things more confusing the store's computer calls it "rust." any ideas what this might be? i might just get it shipped to me to satisfy my curiousity.
  2. Coule be rouille.
  3. ^^ ditto, i think it's rouille too :wlae:

    p.s. even though i consider it orange, not red
  4. that's what i was afraid of (i already have a rouille bag). i cannot understand why he considers it red. oh well, back to the drawing board. thanks ladies!
  5. I think rust is rouille.
  6. or maybe rouge vif? :p
  7. why don't you ask him to read out the top row of numbers on the paper tag? I was told that one set of numbers refer to the color. since you have a rouille, you can compare the numbers?
  8. sounds like rouille to me... rouille means rust in french.
  9. It could be rouge vif - check out my rouge vif vs. rouge theatre thread. My vif looks pretty orange/red!!!!
  10. i wish it were rv but it is indeed rouille. bummer.