Any idea on what collection this dress is from?

  1. [​IMG]

    Any help would be great, thanks!!!
  2. not sure I just had to comment on how beautiful R Bils is! jealous!!

    I saw it was from the Karl Largerfeld/lula dinner party for kirsten dunst OCT2007 held at the chanel shop in paris. Also saw another picture of her in that, the dress has pockets.
  3. ^bump? any ideas on this dress? =)
  4. ^update--its from Spring Summer 2008 Chanel collection

    WOOT--preordered it and cant wait for it to arrive!!!

    It looks gorgeous on Rachel Bilson--just hope it fits me and all ;)
  5. Wow Calisnoopy, congrats! Modeling pix when you get it! I think it's gorgeous and might have to start saving for it, myself.
  6. ^^okies...just hope i find my right size LOL...its always tricky knowing if im one or the other...and sometimes stores dont always get both sizes you need
  7. ooh that dress is so gorgeous! I drooled when i saw the picture in my magazine. I cant' wait to see it on you! I am anxiously awaiting the dress as much as you are! Beautiful!
  8. Oh this dress is beautiful, I am sure it will look gorgeous on you, please please post modelling pics...... thanks.
  9. ^^will definitely post pics when it comes in...just hope i can find my size thats all...heehee
  10. is the dress long or short? that's the same shade as the satin Loubs i just got at nordie!
  11. That is such a beautiful color dress and I like pockets. I found picture with the length of the dress.
  12. oh yesss...i forgot to ever reply with another pic of it...thanks Ann!!

    i love it...hope it comes in for valentines day =)
  13. wow, nice dress!!!! any idea how much is it?
  14. ^^yes, 4900 USD and from what ive heard, Saks and NM ordered very very limited quantities in this dress...supposedly NM only got 1 36 and 5 size 38s according to the NM order chart for all stores in the USA...and only Saks BH got this dress and maybe 1 other Saks...
  15. Its Gorgeous! The Color Is To Die For!!! She Looks Really Good In It! :smile: