Any idea if the Ultimate Soft will come in colors other than black or beige?

  1. The coral from awhile back was really pretty, but it doesn't have to be that. Is anyone aware?:confused1:
  2. Don't know about the upcoming season but last year it came in lavender and white. I'm lusting for the beige one :heart:
  3. wow... i just realised the ultimate soft is a beauty too.. i would love one in white....
  4. Bump. I am just hoping maybe someone else knows something.
  5. Yeah, i'd like a beige one also.
  6. Is the ultimate soft coming back again??Or it's just always available?

    I really want the coral one!!
    If anybody know of its existence somewhere..plz plz plz PM me!!
  7. My SA said that the US, while not part of the classic collection is a premenant bag. I am assuming it should always be around.