Any Idea How To Wear Twilly ?

  1. Hi gals,

    I just received a gift from my bestfriend, a twilly in orange/red/white.. It's beyond cute. But, so far I only use it as an additional cheerful color for my Black Garden Party.
    I think it's a waste if I only use such a beauty for my bag ...

    Does anyone could help me to show how to wear a twilly except for bag accessories ?

    Thanks in advance ....:heart:
  2. What a nice friend you have! :smile:

    Tie it around your neck twice (or once if you prefer) with a knot on the side or front with a crisp, white colored shirt. For a casual look, tie it around your wrist.

    Twillys can really be worked in quite a few ways. I am sure the lovely members of this forum will have lots of suggestions for you.
  3. I tie them in my hair, around my ponytail or as a headband.
  4. What a great gift! The ladies already shared what I was going to suggest, twillies are adorable!
  5. Just checked the thread you've suggested ...
    What a feast for my eye ....

    Thank you gals ...:heart:
  6. Erlina - Jennifleur had a great move with her twilly. She wore overlapping tank tops and tied the twilly round the front straps. Looked great :tup:

    Where is Jennifleur??
  7. You can tie the twilly around a string of pearls for a more youthful look. Some of the ladies string a charm through and wear it as a necklace. Some people tie it around the handle of their bag to protect it from wear and tear.
  8. My daughter wears them around her really looks darling.
  9. I wear it in my hair, like a headband! I also wrap it around one strand of a two strand set of white beads, to give it some color :smile:
  10. I tie one around my ankle when I wear plain type shoes or sandals.
  11. Not my pic but here's how I got the idea - thanks to susie-esq!

  12. What a great idea Maxter, could you post that is the scarf/pintu/pochette thread too, thanks!

    My favorite way at the moment is to wear two together , like this:

  13. ^^Love that look Rose. Thanks for the idea.

    I usually wear them as headbands.

  14. LOL! That's me! I was going to post that pic, too. I was susie-esq. on another board a few years back. I still wear a twilly tied around my ankle in the summer. Sometimes with a bow, sometimes just a knot. It gets lots of compliments!