Any idea how much the Stephen monogram goes for? tia.

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  1. It's not up on elux...just wondering if anyone had an idea.
  2. I beleive I paid around 2070 PLUS 7 % tax
  3. I paid 2070.00 for my mono stephen. If you are interested be patient and check elux frequently. I just happenend to get lucky and it popped up for sale. If you want one you have to act fast when you see one come up. I also went through ****** for a 4% ebate refund.
  4. PGN: you found yours on elux?
  5. :yes: Yep! When I am home on the computer I cruise the elux LV new arrivals ALL the time. I couldn't believe it when one popped up!! I grabbed it without even thinking! I justified it by saying that I saved tax and got an ebate return!!!!
  6. That's weird..I just re-checked elux and there are Stephens on there but for 3,070!

    It's the gris color. Is yours different>?
  7. ^ that is the embossed stephen. i checked elux and i only see that and the leopard stephen.

    the mono stephen isn't available on elux right now, but you never know, it might pop up again.
  8. THE Stephen is one expensive (but GORGEOUS) ladies who have it are awfully lucky!