any idea how much the legacy swinpack is in canada

  1. i have a 10% off coupon for holts and am v tempted...
  2. gabz
    I wish I could help you, but I don't know how much purses go for in Canada. I am assuming they are the same price in Canada as they are here in the U.S. :confused1:

    Which Legacy swingpack are you thinking about, the leather or the signature? I think there's a $10.00 difference between them, leather $188.00 U.S. and $178.00 for the signature swingpack. Good luck and I hope you get the purse you are looking for. :smile:
  3. Hey gabz,

    Being from Vancouver myself, I can tell you they are definately not the same price as listed on the US website! If it's 178 US it will probably be 185-190 here. Best bet would be to call the store, the phone numbers are on the website under store locator. Holts sells them for the same price.