Any idea how much a hatbox in epi would cost?

  1. I dream about the Vuitton hatbox (the big one) and after seeing it in red epi on Melania Trump together with a epi keepall, I am dying to find out how much it costs!!

    Well, the (only) Vuitton Store in Denmark have no idea about the price, but then again, this was the store who took 7 months to heat stamp my luggage tag and that you have to wait in line EVERY time you come in the store and give you such a poor service..

    Does ANYONE have any idea what the big hatbox in epi might cost - ballpark??
  2. no idea but yummm, that would be hot!
  3. mmmmmm, I remember that LV made one for an auction for the Lance Armstrong charity a couple of years ago in gorgeous yellow epi leather and I think it was around £1500?
  4. hehe I know what you mean about LV in Denmark
    I think I saw a black epi hat box in display just yesterday I was there, I dunno if that is the one you are talking about
  5. sounds reasonable if that's the price
  6. I didn't see t! I was there yesterday too. I have seen the black ep one in the store before, but I think it is the small size (but I am not sure).. ugh, the Vuitton store in Copenhagen is awfull! the only good SA is a guy, don't remember his name, he is alwlays VERY good! I have had 2 bad experinces in a row at the store :sad:
  7. ^^ I know when you ask them about something they are always clueless but there is a SA called Kimmie she is great, the hat box was right up the shoes and yeah I think is the small size
  8. ^
    Copenhagen is the worst LV store I've visited too. :push: There was no one to help you out because the SAs were to preoccupied.. with each other! And there was no portier when I visited. And they didn't know what they had in store.
  9. No idea on price, but do you have the pic of Melania's? I would love to see it !
  10. it is in allure for june I think, with the girl from Greys Anatomy on the cover..
    I'll see if I can scan the pic tomorrow at work.
  11. Hmm... I inquired about this a month ago.

    The Epi leather Hat Boxes come in two sizes and two colors, black and red:

    40- 16 inches x 7 inches: $3,900 USD

    50- 20 inches x 8 inches: $4,550 USD
  12. :yes: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have a thing about knowing the exact prices on my dream bags..
  13. Dream luggage in this case. :p

    You're welcome btw! ;)
  14. an epi hatbox would be so yummy. iv always loved the mono dreming of a black epi trouville.
  15. Does anyone know which materials the HAT BOX comes in? Not including special orders. ;)