any idea for a gift

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  1. my best friend's bday is coming up and m totally clueless what to get for her!! help!!! :confused1::confused1:
  2. how old is she turning?
  3. 33!
  4. How about a massage at a spa? Or perhaps a manicure and pedicure?
  5. This is a perfect idea. I'd rather get that downtime and pampering any day, instead of more stuff.
  6. mm .. yes some pampering would be good right now.
    Maybe you can get the both of you a pampering session, then you won't miss out either ;)
  7. AHH!! yes... godd idea!!! thanks a bunch!
  8. You're welcome! Glad to help out!
  9. The spa idea is great-who couldn't use some de-stressing?
  10. nail polish never fails!