Any idea about LV retail price in Switzerland?

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  1. Hiiiiiii, anyone out there that knows about the LV retail price in Switzerland? And what is tax rebate rate?

    Specifically, I am looking for a LV mono montorgueil, LV speedy 30 damier ebene, LV mono neverfull MM~

    Need to prepare bullets before getting there~ HoHo ^^:P
  2. Call 1-866-VUITTON (884-8866). Bug them as much as you can, I'm sure they won't mind!
  3. I was actually wondering about this too. The exchange rate right now is 1:1. My BF has an office in Geneva and he keeps talking about wanting to move there, and of course the LV store is right around the corner from the office. I was wodnering what the pricing is like in Switzerland to see if there was any chance of getting it for less than here in the US.
  4. I'm wondering if anyone has information on this- I am heading to Switzerland after my stay in Germany and was wondering what the prices were in CHF? (I am a US citizen so I can claim VAT back too)
  5. I bought a DE zippy compact wallet for 610 CHF before the price increase in Feb. At that time the wallet was 500 euros on German LV website.

    Don't know about VAT refund.
  6. Is Switzerland in the EU? What happens if you take a train from Swiss to Germany? Where do you pay tax?