Any Houstonians going to LV party tonight

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  1. I just wanted to know if any fellow TPF's were planning on attending the LV holiday gathering at LV tonight?
  2. Anyone???????????????
  3. Nope.

    Syntagma? Amamxr? Iluvbags? TxGirly? :search:
  4. Nope- I have cub scouts Christmas Party for the eldest and it's (much more important than LV)! LOL

    Also, I can't leave the store without buying anything anyway so it's better anyway!
  5. I'm in so nope :smile: but Syntagma.. I have that same problem.. I can't seem to leave Louis without something!! Haha.. My Icons book tied me over..
  6. I thought we were going to have own own party second week in January in Houston:graucho::graucho:

    I am attending the San Antonio and Austin one:yes:
  7. Oh yeah!!! I forgot about that party. :sneaky:

  8. What other party?:shrugs:

    I was supposed to go to the party at LV tonight with my sister but I'm having to leave town so I cannot go.
    Sucks. I really wanted to
  9. would love to but i have to work very early tomorrow morning. so no, i'm not going. :shrugs:

    when is the Houstonian LV addict's meet? :P

  10. I dunno... hopefully soon. I want to meet other addicts!!! :P

    Iluvbags: Amamxr and I wanted to go to LV sometime this week, but we had different schedules. So we thought that after the holidays would be great... with all of this crazy traffic and different schedules and all... :sad:
  11. We should do a LV addict meet yeah!!:yes:

  12. YES! I am ready! This is sooo on!
  13. how many bags did you guys buy before you were invited to the party?
  14. I got invited to my first little "event" after purchasing three bags (I think). I don't really think it's how much you purchase as it is your relationship with your SA. :shrugs:

    I have to be honest I don't really like the LV parties. It's kinda boring really IMO...
  15. ^ha ha ITA!!

    My SO and I were invited to our 1st VIP party last month...I just starting collecting LV in May/June of this year, and have purchased 4 bags in that amount of time.

    Plus, my SAs at the boutique ROCK!!