ANy hope of finding an 07 Tomato City???

  1. Are they still in stores anywhere???

  2. there is one on totally authentic and sweet tpfer!
  3. or you could order from Balenciaga New York. Cynthia told me they still had some in stock. you'd get free shipping and no tax. :yes: (btw, the Tomato City is a GREAT choice)
  4. If I would like to order Balenciaga bag in NY, do I have to pay tax? I live in Chicago. Thank you ;)
  5. No, you only pay tax to BalNY if you are a resident of NY.
  6. I don't think that's correct. I live in NJ and they said that tax is included but shipping is free because they have a warehouse in NJ. :confused1: That's why I haven't purchased from them because they'll charge you the tax rate depending on the state that you live in and NJ charges 7%, that's stinks!:tdown:
  7. You are both partially right. They can only charge sales tax for shipments to NY (location of BalNY) and any other place where they themselves have a presence or operations and are therefore subject to the jurisdiction of local taxing authorities. Their presence in NJ (warehouse location) is why shipments to NJ will incur sales tax. But shipments to any state besides NJ and NY will not incur sales tax. For example, right now shipments to CA are tax free. If they open a store in LA, all shipments to CA will also incur sales tax, even if purchased from the NY store.
  8. I didn't know they had a warehouse in Jersey! Learn something new everyday. Thanks Deco!
  9. sorry if this is off topic, but where can i find a list of colors that would be available to order from balenciaga NY? do we just have to call? and do they have older years past 07? thanks!!
  10. You have to call and ask their availabiliy. It helps if you know what color you want and they can check. They could have items from a few seasons ago. I know they still had some colors from 06 last time I was there and was in the adventurous spirit.