Any hope of ever finding a light blue large MJ multipocket???

  1. I want a blue purse, but the navy is too dark.

    Does anyone know where I can find the light blue large multipocket? I have been looking on eBay, but no luck.

    Thanks, Ladies.
  2. Once in a blue moon I see a light blue large MP on eBay, like denim. You really have to be patient if there is a color that you want in particular. Too bad about navy, it's a pretty color but I can see what you mean by too dark.
  3. ^^Denim...that's the color I want, couldn't think of the name. Thanks! :yes:
  4. Isn't there a blueberry version of the large MP too?
  5. Yes, there's blueberry too. Etenebris once had both at the same time and posted photos here to show the difference. There wasn't very much except for trim and hardware. I think I like denim better.

    If I see a denim lg MP on eBay, I'll let you know.
  6. I like both colors. They are equally beautiful. I like petrol and cobalt too. I don't know if they have large mp in cobalt. Navy is a bit dark but I like the stitchings. A really nice color combo. My fave blue shade from Marc Jacobs is periwinkle!! Now that's pretty much extinct :crybaby: . I saw this woman carried her periwingkle Anouck. It was so beautiful!!
  7. oh yes! Forgot about the new light blue petrol soft calf that is coming out this fall. It looks like the old quilted petrol from '05 but it is a bit lighter and brighter. Not sure if that's a color you'd consider either. I felt like it was a cross btw petrol and bright blue. Not exactly a light blue though, but maybe something you'd want to keep in mind? This color will probably be available in the next few months.

    Periwinkle is TDF too, but extremely rare... I love seeing it on ebay!
  8. thithi, if you see one, would you let me know? Thanks!!!
  9. of course!;)