Any hope in finding Vinyl Cabas in NY?

  1. Is there any hope in finding a vinyl Cabas in NY still?

    I am still looking for one and it seems from the threads here that the shops are getting in new stock?

    Can anyone help? :sad: Most appreciated!
  2. Saks NYC is getting them in again. I saw them in the lookbook the other day. You can call my SA Joseph at 212-940-4353. The department is not good at answering the phone, so you can also get him on his cell if they dont answer quickly (today is their trunk show, so it may be hard to get through). His cell is 917-7769353. If you get this before 10AM NY time, I would leave a message on his cell before 10, so he gets your order in. I am sure the orders will fill up today with the trunk show going on. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks so much, that is so helpful! I'm going to call and see if I can get one!
  4. Still no luck....!