Any Hong Kong TVB drama fans?

  1. Just saw the new Taiwanese drama thread and was inspired to start this..wondering if any pfer likes to watch HK TVB or ATV series?

    Admittedly, I grew up watching these and although in SD now, am still watching ! haha

    Let's share our likes/ dislikes..:heart:

    I'm rewatching Racing Peak now , and olddd series..

    latest series, the long drama series called "Sui Yuet Fung Wan" , don't know the English name.
  2. Just finished The First Beat, now watching Phoenix Rising which is a bit weird.. :s
  3. Me me! :biggrin:
    I am watching On The First Beat and Phoenix Rising right now...not a fan of Phoenix Rising though..

    I am loyal to TVB, not a fan of ATV at all :p
  4. ME ME ME!!!

    i'm don't follow religiously because i try to stay away. once i start i cannot stop watching but i slowly pick up.
    i just finished watching an older one from 2005 about lawyers.

    i think i will be starting the 'tong sum fung bo' heart of greed about 'abolones' that everyone is raving about.

    'dai si doi' the greed of man has to be my all time favourite
  5. Hi Jannie, thanks for starting this thread.

    I like to watch HK dramas. Haven't seen them for quite some time though, I got the impression that their qualities have really gone down over the years - there was a period of time when TVB had a bunch of young stars who just couldn't act (looks alone aren't good enough). Is this still true? I only rent the ones that are widely praised every now and then; I also buy VCD/DVD sets of dramas that I would like to keep.

    Overall, I definitely prefer series from TVB over ATV; there have been countless of great series from them over the years. Even when ATV hires the stars from TVB, their productions are still not as good.
  6. My favorite actor is Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, I have been his fan for more than 20 years. =)
  7. cool! glad there are some TVB fans here..I usually watch TVB too but some ATV were okay too like I have a date with a vampire I, corny but fun to watch hehe..

    And I am now watching Sui Yuet fung wan which has Lau Chung Yan, Miu Kiu Wai, Jessica Hester, Lam Fung, Charmaine's quite good , it's those big family /corporate series thingy

    I just watched Tong Sam Fung Po (Heart of Greed) as well, there's Moses Chan, Lam Fung, Ha Yue (The older actor who I think is really funny and cute) ...

    Actually I agree that Phoenix Rising is a little weird too - I like the actress in it, So Yuk Wah though..

    Btw, I love Tai Si Toi too - I also agree that most of the young actors are not that great..
    The First Beat was ok, I kinda like the theme song too although at first I found it annoying haha..I prefer to watch that Ron Ng as compared to his friend in the show ( dunno his name) he is kinda funny (without meaning to be) haha..
  8. You MUST watch it! Such a great series! Loved it~ :heart:
  9. ^^ I agree
    I kinda like watching Lau Chung Yan and admittedly, Vivian Chow did a great acting job!
  10. Are you referring to Yat Ho Wong Ting (File of Justice)? Good series, the actings were great from Bobby Au, Michael Tao, Bowie Lam, etc.

    Detective Investigation was very good and addictive too, I really like part 2 with Tai Yung and Jessie. I didn't watch all of part 3 and 4.

    Read alot about 'tong sum fung bo' too. How long is it? 40 episodes?
  11. yup, tong sum is 40 episodes..not bad but I don't really like the parts with Lam Fung in it..haha
  12. [​IMG]

    Watching now and recommended..the theme song is great, sang by Hacken Lee and a Chinese singer, it's a duet in both Cantonese and Mandarin - in the beginning of the credits, you can see Ku Ka Fai (famous composer/ pianist) playing the piano ..very grand and inspiring song I think.

  13. The Drive of Life is starting here next week, can't wait for it. It's such a big production with some of the biggest actors/actresses in TVB. I love Raymond and Joe, such hotties ;).

    I've seen Damien Lau Chung Yan (劉松仁) outside LV in Central, he kind of gave me this look as if I was going to get excited by seeing him and ask for his signature, but I was too excited by the sight of LV :nuts:.
    How about you ladies, have you met any TVB actors or actresses?
  14. I so wanna watch drive of life. I'm one of the biggest fan of HK dramas, they are my favourites. Even more so than korean or taiwan ones.

    I'm in Aussieland, and we get the dramas much later. I just finished watching dicey business which was good as usual with bobby au yeung. He's so much fun to watch and he is always good with whatever character he acts as.

    I'm so glad to find likewise minded girls here! :heart: